Four simple rules for better online marketing


Russell Dye – Creative Director of Icon Advertising

Love lists? Here’s a list that will help business owners and managers get a grip on their online marketing strategies with a view to increasing sales, achieving more efficient marketing practices, and increasing that bottom line.

Give and you shall receive.

Providing your potential customers with helpful advice, entertainment, inspiration or any kind of value-added engagement for free can pay big dividends. Helpful advice in an e-newsletter, online calculators, non-salesy website blogs or helpful online tools are just a few of the things you can do to give.

If you’re still not convinced yet, think of it this way; both Google and Facebook were founded on the basis of a free service (search and social media) and are now reaping the rewards of a dedicated customer base, initially attracted by a value-added free service.

Resolution: Produce more helpful and useful content across all your online media.

Stay up-to-date.

If you don’t evolve to match the ever-changing online environment, you will become extinct quicker than you can say ‘Micropachycephalosaurus’.

This brave new world demands an ever up-to-date online presence. If your website is more than a few years old you are behind the times. If you haven’t posted to your social media for a fortnight – you’ve probably left it too long.

Resolution: Get your online assets up to date.

Analyse this:

One of the glories of online marketing is we can analyse results and improve your sales pitch based on historical trends.

A newsletter can return immediate open and click-through rates. A website can provide valuable demographic and content data. An AdWords campaign can provide powerful insights into your customers’ search queries. The accumulated data allows us to understand your customers better and help reposition your business to take advantage of emerging trends.

If you’re not seeing reports from your website or online marketing, then it’s time to track them down as you are running blind.

Resolution: Check with your website provider that all your analytics packages are up and running. If not, call me.

It’s a jungle out there!

The internet is not the place to get lost on a cold dark night. Or even a bright sunny day for that matter. The point is, don’t get lost at all.

Have a clear website goal in mind. Understand what it is you do and what your customers will be looking for online. Be clear in your understanding of your target market. The more crystal clear you are, the more targeted your online marketing can be. It’s all very well having a website but if nobody visits, you might as well have spent the money on a three-legged camel.

Resolution: Review online strategies. Sharpen and focus more on key areas.


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