Why email marketing is the most cost-effective way of creating engagement and increasing sales

Why email marketing is the most cost-effective way of creating engagement and increasing sales

Customers who have already engaged with your brand, have purchased from you, and have given you permission to send them offers via email, are by far the most likely group to purchase from you again. This is the number one reason that you should be running regular email campaigns as part of an effective marketing strategy. But it’s far from the only reason you should be considering email campaigns to increase sales. Here are some more:

  • Email marketing is the most proactive marketing you can engage in. Why wait for your customers to amble back to your website at some point in the future? Why not actively reach out to them via their inbox and remind them you exist and you want their business? In fact, wait too long and it can appear that you don’t care too much for your loyal fans.
  • Email marketing is quick. If you have unexpected stock to move or need to push a particular message at short notice, nothing beats email in terms of getting a quick and timely message to your customers. Depending on the complexity of the project, a polished email campaign can be produced in as little as a day from briefing to sending. 
  • Email marketing is easily personalised. Beginning a piece of communication with ‘Hi Ben’ or ‘Hi Sarah’ is a great way to begin a successful engagement.
  • Focus is another huge advantage of email. While your website may need to cover an entire range of possibilities, your email campaigns allow you to promote specific items or categories.  
  • Email marketing is inexpensive. Time needs to be spent to get it right but when compared to other forms of communication it is hands-down the most cost-effective way to boost sales.
  • Finally, for marketers, email marketing offers highly measurable results and analysis allowing you to fine-tune future campaigns for even better results.

How ICON can help

Whether you are starting from scratch (no database, no stories, no idea), or have made a start, we can provide the strategies, design expertise, and web writing talent to build your database, sell products and services, and avoid unnecessary unsubscribes and complaints. 

There can be pitfalls with email marketing but we can help you avoid the traps and prosper in this very competitive environment.

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