Print is dead! Long live print!


Russell Dye – Creative Director of Icon Advertising

I recently visited a company that no longer used any paper based advertising or marketing – not even physical business cards. It’s an interesting strategy. And it got me thinking – is print on its last legs?

Over the last twenty years there has been a seismic shift in marketing. Brochures and broadsheet newspaper advertising has given way to AdWords, Instagram and Facebook. Pulp is out. Pixels are in. Is there a case for using ink and paper in your marketing budget? Or should we fully invest our marketing treasure chest with Google and Facebook?

I think the answer is that print still deserves a good slice of the pie. Not the whole pie. Maybe not even half. But like any balanced diet we have to have our share of fibre with our carbs and proteins. Here’s three reasons why I think you should reconsider print:

It’s not so crowded anymore

One key tactic of great marketing is to zig when others zag. Using print may allow you to reach customers in a form that your competition have given up on. A PO Box drop twenty years ago may have been swamped with other flyers and brochures. Now, you may be one of a few flyers. With so many companies marketing online, why not take the empty stage yourself and make your pitch on paper? Press advertising, PO Box drops and physical brochures now have the clear air they need to perform.

It’ll work longer

Online is fantastic. But a webpage or online banner advert can disappear into the ether as faster that you can say ‘click’. Most of the time, trying to recall or locate a site you have visited or a company you can barely remember is simply too hard online. Easy come, easy go, and easy to find another option with a click. A brochure or flyer has a physical presence. It occupies space and therefore must be looked at, filed, ignored or deliberately discarded. More often that not the printed matter sits around until the user decides they are no longer interested in the product – or they have purchased it.

It plays nicely with online

The best strategy is a balanced one where print directs the prospect to an online resource, or online offers a free, physical brochure or book. Integrated marketing gives you the best of both worlds. This is a strategy I have used very effectively in the past.

Of course print has to be done well. There is no undo button when the brochure has rolled off the press. If you are considering using print as part of your marketing mix, why not give me a call to discuss?

Can I help you?

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